Quilt Hanger - Hang It Dang It 35" to 63"


Quilt Hanger
Hang It Dang It
Has the more expensive and desirable magnetic clip instead of the plastic clip for a flatter hanging


35" to 63"


The "hang it dang it" quilt hanger is an easy way to hang your quilt. One person can hang any size quilt, anywhere, perfectly, all by themselves in about a minute. Hang It Dang It quilt hanger will hang your quilt on just one nail in the center. To hang a different quilt in the same spot, simply adjust the hanger to the new quilt and hang it back on the same nail. You will enjoy looking at more of your quilts more often because it's so fast and easy to change them.  If you don't find this quilt hanger to be the fastest easiest way to display your quilts, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. Sizes range from 21” to 63”



Easy to use:

  • Slide rod into sleeve
  • Clip-on Metal hanger at center of quilt
  • Place one nail in wall
  • Hang quilt
  • Done!




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Janet , 12/03/2012

Awsome!!! Hung a queen size quilt in 5 minutes with one nail. This is the best idea to come along in a while!

Reviewed by Terri , 10/26/2012

First, cute name!
When I first saw the video, my reaction was "hang a quilt from a single nail...can't be done." But this hanger has proven me wrong. I ordered the smaller size for an art quilt. Measured, inserted, and hung it. Even tho the instructions say you may have to play with it a few times - the quilt hung straight and secure the first time!
The best surprise, the hanger ends up below the binding, so nothing is seen but your lovely quilt.
I'm giving the smaller size 5 stars, and I'm going to order the larger size to see if it hangs just as nice.